The Old Red Church (First Parish Meeting House) is located in
Standish Village. It sits on land granted to the proprietors of the
parish, for service to King George, in the war of 1754. It opened in
1804, about the time the first Standish church was demolished by soldiers,
overcome with excitement and spirits, at an annual muster. The
Old Red Church was used until 1859. Since that time, the building
has been used for worship services, only for brief periods.
Legend has it, that five years
subsequent to 1829, the congre-
gation of the church became
divided, and that two services
were held, at the same time,
until finally, in 1834, one
faction moved up the street
and built its own church, the
present Congregational house of
In 1848, a second floor was laid that became Standish Academy,
which closed in 1852, when one of the trustees made off with academy
funds. Through the years, the second floor has been used by many
local organizations.
In 1893, the rooms became
Standish High School. After
5 years the high school was
moved to Steep Falls, but
in 1902, moved back to the
second floor and stayed there
until a new Standish High
School was built at Sebago
Lake Village in 1914.

The Old Red Church is now registered as a Historical Landmark.

Location: Oak Hill Rd. in Standish.

Open May thru September (weather permitting) Tuesdays & Thursdays